Cycad Hiking Trail

Middelburg, Mpumalanga Province


The Cycad trail walks along the Olifants River gorge and offers a magnificent view of the river and its surroundings.

The first day of the trail is about 12km long. The trail takes you along the kloof route with spectacular views of waterfalls and cycad plantations.


At lunch time we made a stop next to the cool river and took our time to enjoy nature before making our way up the mountain to the overnight camp.


The first day ends off with a steep ascent to the overnight camp at Arendsnes.  Arendsnes must rank as one of the most spectacular overnight hut’s. It is built right on the edge of the Olifants River gorge and has a big wooden deck with spectacular views to the river far below. 

We enjoyed a big fire on the deck while watching the amazing sunset.

That night we decided that we are not going to sleep in the huts with beds provided, but rather be spontaneous and sleep around the camp fire on the deck outside. I must also just mention that we did this hike in the middle of winter in July!!


The 2nd day of the trail is leisurely 6km long and a fairly easy walk back to base camp. 



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