Ama Poot Poot Hiking Trail, Dullstroom, Mpumalanga


For our second hike we did a base camp hike, because Marijke was 7 months pregnant at the time. We were a big bunch of 13 hikers.

The little town of Dullstoom in Mpumalanga is renowned for its trout fishing and for some rather nice bars and restaurants to visit on the way to the Lowveld. Just outside the town is the Ama Poot Poot Hiking Trail.

Knowing that we did not have to carry all our gear in our backpacks we could take advantage of packing heavily. And by heavily I mean enough beverages to enjoy after a long days hike.

The route of 19 km stretched over 2 days with 13 km on the first day and 6 km the second day.

Day 1: Walking the Ama Poot Poot Trail

A hard bang woke us up the next morning. It was Winston who fell through the top bunk bed onto the two little girls sleeping below. Luckily no one got hurt.

Waking up the first morning it was pouring with rain. We waited it out and could eventually start the day’s hike at around 9 am. At this time it was still cold and wet outside where the trail starts from base camp.

We started walking around the higher level on the farm before the trail descends steeply to cross the river. By the time we reached the first river crossing the temperature started to rise and the heat of the day quickly made us remove all warm clothing. It was only then when we realised that no one even thought of putting on sunscreen.

We walked along the river until we reached a point where the trail climbs steeply  up to the waterfall. Along the way Mariska dislocated her knee while crossing the river over slippery rocks. Zuran then helped her to push it back in place and she was ready to continue the trail.

At the point where have reached the 8 km mark Marijke decided to turn back to base camp with her little peanut in her stomach, as the trail then got more demanding up to the waterfall.

The first day was very hot and once we reached the waterfall a well deserved lunch break was in order.

On the way back to the base camp there was some nice rock formations along the way.

The first days hike was finished at around 2 pm which gave us a lot of time to soak up the rest of the day around base camp enjoying refreshing ciders.

The night was spent drinking a lot of wine and having a good old South African braai around the bonfire.

Day 2: Walking the Ama Poot Poot Trail

The second day was less demanding and a shorter route which was appreciated after a good nights “braai”.

The trail took us to the bottom of the waterfall from the previous day. On the way to the waterfall we had to climb over some ladders to cross the fence on the farm. We also had to do some bundu bashing at some points which made the hike very interesting.

We then decided that we wanted to walk back to the top of the waterfall and took an additional route back where we found a place to rest underneath the trees next to the first foot of the waterfall. We then took off our hiking shoes and relaxed with our feet in the cool water.

Johnny took this opportunity to practice some of his Yoga poses next to the calming waterfall.

We then hiked back to the base camp to finish off a great weekend of hiking and relaxation.

The trip home was hot and everyone was sun burnt. A chill Sunday awaited us at home.







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